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lawn games

Bocce Ball

Enjoy the timeless game of bocce ball with our comprehensive set, which includes 8 wooden balls and a pallino marker ball. You have two options to choose from: Unrestricted Play or Court Play. For Unrestricted Play, you can engage in the game in an open grass area, with court measurements ranging from 10'x60' to 12'x70'. Boundaries, shoot areas, and a centerline are marked with chalk for easy play. Alternatively, you can opt for Court Play, which features a modular and mobile wood deck court measuring 10'x60', complete with a marked playing surface and sidewalls. Rest assured that all surfaces are leveled prior to play, ensuring a fair and enjoyable bocce ball experience.


Experience the classic game of badminton in a 20'x44' area, marked out with chalk to define the court boundaries. Engage in friendly competition as the court is divided by a 5' tall net. Racquets and shuttlecocks are provided for your convenience, and for an enhanced experience, you have the option to include a referee on a raised platform to ensure fair play.

Connect 4 Lawn Game

Introducing our large Connect 4, a twist on the classic game that stands about 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide. It's perfect for outdoor gatherings, adding a touch of excitement and friendly competition to backyard parties, picnics, and more! Designed with safety in mind, this leightweight and durable game has no hard surfaces, making it suitable for everyone! Come together and Connect 4 a great time!


Enjoy the classic game of croquet with our traditional set, featuring 9 wickets and 2 stakes arranged in a double diamond pattern. Set up the grass court, requiring a space of 50'x100', and gather 2 to 4 players for a friendly match. Test your skills and strategy as you navigate the course and aim to hit the stakes with your balls, scoring points along the way.

Frisbee Golf

Experience the excitement of Frisbee golf with our complete set, which includes golf flag sticks, Frisbees, and the necessary rules. The required space for the game will vary depending on the number of flag sticks and the distance between the "holes." With all the supplies provided, you can enjoy a challenging and fun game of Frisbee golf wherever you choose to set up the course.

Corn Hole

Experience the classic and beloved game of corn hole with our official playing boards, measuring 2'x4' and featuring a standard 12" rise and a 6" hole. The set includes 8 high-quality, 6"x6" corn hole bags weighing 16 ounces each. Gather 2 to 4 players and take turns tossing the bags towards the target hole in the court area, which measures 6'x35'. Enjoy hours of fun and friendly competition with this popular outdoor game.

Football Themed Cornhole

Elevate your tailgating an backyard game days with our Football-Themed Cornhole set! It's the classic game of cornhole, but with a football twist. This unique set features football themed boards and bean bags, adding an extra layer of excitement to your outdoor gatherings. Whether you're a die-hard footbal fan or just looking for some fun competition, our Football-Themed Cornhole is the perfect addition to your next event. Get ready to score a touchdown with every toss and create unforgettable momements with others!

Horse Shoes

Enjoy a classic game of horseshoes with our traditional set, perfect for both free area play or sand pits. Set up the game in a 6'x48' area and challenge your friends or family to a friendly competition. All necessary supplies are included, so you can focus on perfecting your aim and tossing the horseshoes with precision.

Lawn Darts

Enjoy a safe version of the classic game Lawn Darts with our specially designed aerial darts and circular targets. Gather 2-4 players and test your aim as you compete to land your darts on the target. The space required for this exciting game varies based on the distance between targets, ranging from approximately 15' in length and 30' to 50' in width.

Ladder Ball

Get ready for a fun and competitive game of ladder ball! In this game, teams aim to hook their Bolas onto one of the three tiered bars located 15 feet away. With an area requirement of 10'x20', you have plenty of space to set up and enjoy this engaging outdoor activity.

Inflatable Axe Throw

Introducing our thrilling double Inflatable Axe Throwing booth. Step up to the challenge and test your aim using our weighted inflatable axes with velcro tips, ensuring safe and enjoyable experiences for those who play! The Inflatable booth is 17 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 9 feet high. It provides enough space for multiple players to take turns competing for the best throw. Complete with all the necassary accessories and optional staffing to assist in managing the activity.

Paddle Ball

Discover the joy of paddle ball with our free play option, where we provide all the necessary paddles and balls for an exciting game. Paddle ball is a thrilling sport played on a compact court, measuring half the size of a tennis court. Whether you prefer a single game or engaging in doubles with two teams of two players each, paddle ball offers endless fun and friendly competition.

Inflatable Dart Board

Introducing our Inflatable Dart Board! Take aim and kick velcro balls at the giant dart board to see how high you can score. Challenge your friends to a friendly competition or test your solo accuracy skills. Suitable for all ages, this inflatable game is sure to bring endless fun and excitement. The dart board measures an impressive 10 feet in height and 14 feet in length, providing ample space for thrilling gameplay.

Ring Toss

Experience the tropical charm of Bimini Toss, a classic island bar game that will test your accuracy and skill. The goal is simple: drop a 2" ring connected to a string onto a hook 12 feet away. With an area of just 8x12 feet, this compact game can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. Challenge your friends and see who can master the art of Bimini Toss!

Tether Ball

Enjoy the classic and engaging game of tetherball with our two-person setup. Choose between ground anchoring or an artificial platform for installation. Compete against your opponent by hitting the ball attached to a rope in opposite directions, aiming to wrap it completely around the pole. Test your hand-eye coordination and strategic skills in this exciting game that is suitable for all ages.

Volley Ball

Experience the thrill of volleyball in a traditional game setting, requiring a 30' x 60' area for play. The court is clearly marked with chalked boundaries, including attack and serving boxes, and is divided by a 7' tall net. Whether for casual play or organized tournaments, all necessary supplies are provided, and you can even opt for a referee on a raised platform for officiating. Get ready to bump, set, and spike your way to victory in this dynamic and competitive sport.

Zap a mole!

Enter the frantic fun of Zap-a-Mole, where reflexes reign supreme in this timeless arcade classic. Armed with a mallet, prepare to thwart the mischievous moles as they pop up from their burrows. Keep your eyes peeled and your aim true as you strive to whack as many moles as possible before the time runs out. With its fast-paced action and addictive gameplay, Zap-a-Mole promises endless entertainment for players of all ages.

table games

Air Hockey

Get ready for fast-paced excitement with our air hockey tables, a popular choice among table games enthusiasts. These tables come complete with all the necessary supplies, ensuring you have everything you need to start playing right away. Experience the thrill of gliding pucks and intense competition as you battle it out with friends and family. For even more fun, check out our 6-way air hockey board, allowing multiple players to join in on the action. It's time to test your skills and enjoy hours of entertainment with our air hockey offerings.


Bring the excitement of foosball to your next event with our popular foosball table game. Whether it's a party, gathering, or casual get-together, foosball is a timeless game that never fails to entertain. With all supplies included, you'll have everything you need to challenge your friends and showcase your skills on the field. Get ready for fast-paced action, strategic moves, and hours of fun with our foosball table.

Dome Hockey

Looking for a fun activity to keep kids busy at your event? Our Chalk Boards are the perfect solution! With oversized chalk in multiple colors and multiple sizes of framed boards, kids can let their creativity run wild by drawing to their hearts' content. These Chalk Boards are a great addition to a 'Kids Play Area' and can provide hours of fun for the little ones, allowing adults to step away for a moment. Our Chalk Boards are available for rental and are sure to be a hit at your event!

Ping Pong

Enjoy the fast-paced and exciting game of ping pong with our high-quality table. Perfect for players of all skill levels, our table comes with all the supplies you need to start playing right away. Whether it's a party, bar mitzvah, or any other occasion, our ping pong table is a fantastic addition that will bring fun and entertainment to your event.

Pop a Shot

Experience the excitement of basketball right in your own space with our Pop-A-Shot game. This dual mini basketball unit features automatic scoring and a convenient ball return system, allowing you to focus on the game without any interruptions. Whether you're competing against friends or practicing your shooting skills, Pop-A-Shot guarantees endless fun and friendly competition. Get ready to shoot hoops and challenge yourself to beat high scores with this addictive basketball game.

Pool Table

Experience the classic game of pool with our professional-grade pool table. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, our table is designed to provide an enjoyable and immersive playing experience for everyone. With all supplies included, you can start playing right away and showcase your skills or learn and improve your game. Get ready for hours of competitive fun and friendly matches with our top-quality pool table.

4 Way Ping Pong Table

Introducing our 4-way Ping Pong Table, designed for intense multiplayer action! With a unique 4-way netting system, this table allows four players to compete simultaneously. All supplies, including paddles and balls, are included, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. Perfect for parties and mitzvahs, this interactive game is sure to bring hours of fun and friendly competition to your event.


Step right up and experience the excitement of our popular Skeeball game! This classic table game is a favorite among guests of all ages and is perfect for parties and mitzvahs. With all supplies included, including the balls and scorecards, you can easily set up and enjoy hours of fun, challenging your friends and family to see who can score the highest!


Experience the classic game of shuffleboard right in the comfort of your own home with our table version of shuffleboard. This 12-foot long table provides the perfect surface for sliding pucks and competing against friends and family. With all supplies included, you'll have everything you need to start playing and enjoying hours of fun and friendly competition. Gather around the table, aim for the highest score, and see who can become the shuffleboard champion.

jumbo games

Beer Pong

Take your love for beer pong to the next level with our life-sized version of this classic game. Perfect for gatherings, parties, or outdoor events, the jumbo beer pong setup allows for multiple players and can be enjoyed in various locations such as ballrooms, backyards, or even beaches. Instead of ping pong balls, we use kick balls to add a twist to the game, and covers are available to block the barrels the ball has landed in, simulating the excitement of removing a cup from the triangle. Get ready for a giant-sized, competitive, and fun-filled beer pong experience that will entertain players and spectators alike.


Bring the classic game of checkers to life with our jumbo checkers set! With an area requirement of 25 feet in length and 25 feet in width, teams or individual contestants can enjoy this oversized version of the game. The jumbo-sized play pieces, standing at about 2 and a half feet tall, create a visually stunning experience that is sure to impress at any event, particularly corporate and institutional venues. Get ready for big moves and strategic battles on the larger-than-life checkers board!


Experience the thrill of foosball on a larger scale with our jumbo foosball game! This oversized version of the classic game can accommodate 4 to 8 players, making it perfect for parties, mitzvahs, and corporate events. The jumbo foosball board, measuring over 10 feet in length, allows players to compete in an exciting and fast-paced match, just like the traditional version. Gather your friends, grab the handles, and get ready for an unforgettable game of jumbo foosball!


Step into the world of giant fun with our jumbo Jenga game! This larger-than-life version of the popular game will have you on the edge of your seat as you carefully remove and stack oversized colorful PVC "logs". With over 200 pieces, you can build towering structures up to 6 feet tall. The game set includes a sturdy 40" base, eye-catching signage, and a handy ladder for reaching new heights of excitement. Perfect for parties, events, and gatherings, jumbo Jenga is sure to bring endless entertainment and friendly competition to any occasion.

Light Brite

Relive the nostalgia of the classic Lite Brite with our jumbo version! This beloved favorite allows you to unleash your creativity on an oversized pegged canvas using acrylic pegs, just like the good old days. With two jumbo boards and an abundance of pieces, you'll have endless possibilities to create colorful and captivating designs. Perfect for all ages, this jumbo Lite Brite is a delightful addition to any event or gathering that will ignite your imagination and bring back fond memories.

Outdoor Shuffleboard

Experience the thrill of shuffleboard on a grand scale with our Regulation-Sized Hard Surface Floor Shuffleboard. This jumbo game is larger than the rest, measuring 6' wide and a staggering 52' long. All you need is a solid and level surface to set up this exciting game. We provide official pucks, pushers, and scoring equipment, ensuring you have everything you need for a competitive shuffleboard experience. Gather your friends and family and prepare for hours of fun with our impressive shuffleboard setup.


Take your love for word games to the next level with our jumbo Scrabble! This larger-than-life version of the popular game allows players to showcase their vocabulary skills on an oversized game board. Perfect for game nights and gatherings, challenge your friends and family to a battle of words with this classic and engaging game.

Connect 4

Experience the excitement of Connect 4 like never before with our jumbo version! This interactive game requires a space of 10' by 10' by 10', providing ample room for players to strategize and drop their playing pucks into the slots using the included ladder. Challenge your friends and family to a thrilling game of jumbo Connect 4 and see who can connect four in a row first!


Experience the thrill of a larger-than-life chess match with our jumbo chess set! With an area requirement of 25 feet in length and 25 feet in width, teams or individual contestants can engage in strategic battles using jumbo-sized play pieces on an oversized game board. The impressive play pieces, ranging from 2 to 4 feet tall, add an element of grandeur to any event, making it a perfect choice for corporate and institutional venues as well as other special occasions.

Human Pin Press

Experience the thrill of our human pin press game, reminiscent of the classic hand game! Press your entire body against our full-sized pins and be amazed as a mesmerizing 3D image reveals itself on the other side. Safe for all ages, this interactive attraction is a perfect addition to outdoor venues, parties, and celebrations, ensuring endless fun and excitement for everyone involved.


Get ready for a supersized version of the beloved classic kids game, Kerplunk! Perfect for players of all ages, this oversized version offers a thrilling and suspenseful experience. Take turns carefully removing sticks, as you try to prevent the game balls from tumbling down. Aim for the lowest score by keeping the fewest game balls on your side of the giant game board. Prepare for laughter, excitement, and friendly competition with jumbo Kerplunk!


Step into the operating room with our larger-than-life version of the classic Operation Game! Test your precision and steady hand as you maneuver oversized tweezers to carefully remove the game pieces. With a table light to add an element of suspense in the dark, and giant tongues to grab the pieces, this life-sized game will bring excitement and fun to any event. Get ready for a challenging and entertaining experience with jumbo Operation!


Experience the thrill of the iconic game show, The Price Is Right, with our jumbo Plinko game! Create an exciting atmosphere with this larger-than-life version that will keep players on the edge of their seats. Our staff will be there to ensure smooth gameplay, making it a perfect addition to game nights or game shows.

Tic Tac Toe

Elevate your tic-tac-toe experience with our jumbo version! Using bean bags, strategically rotate the board to score X's or O's. This easy-to-set-up lawn game is self-managed, making it accessible for players of all ages. Enjoy the excitement of this classic game in a larger-than-life format!


Get ready for some giant-sized fun with our jumbo Twister game! With an area of 25' x 25', this larger-than-life version of Twister will have you twisting and contorting in hilarious positions. Add to the excitement by hosting a Twister party with our audio system, emcee, lights, and music. Perfect for all ages, it's a fantastic addition to parties, mitzvahs, and kids' areas.

golf games

Chip & Putt

Enhance your golf skills with our Chip and Putt experience. Our package includes a 10'x10' artificial grass modular island with a center hole and flag, along with four 2'x2' artificial grass modular pods strategically placed at varying distances. Practice your chip shots and improve your accuracy with the provided clubs and golf balls. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned golfer, our Chip and Putt setup offers a fun and challenging activity to test your golfing prowess. Please note that a Hold Harmless waiver is required for participation.

Golf Analyzer

Improve your golf game with our Golf Analyzer system. Step into the 10x10x20' netted cage and unleash your swing, as the built-in sensors accurately measure the distance and speed of your shots. The system includes a Golf Green Backdrop, Right and Left Platforms equipped with various clubs and tees, and a Center Golfer Platform for optimal swing performance. Whether you're practicing your drives or fine-tuning your technique, our Golf Analyzer provides valuable insights to help you perfect your game.

Mini Golf

Experience the joy of mini golf with our two courses designed to entertain players of all ages. Each course features 10 mobile golf greens, complete with putters, balls, scoring systems, and a charming club house tent. Navigate your way through built-in obstacles, from tricky curves to challenging slopes, as you putt your way to victory. With different-sized putters available and score cards provided, you can keep track of your progress and compete with friends or family. Follow the numbered flags to guide you through each exciting green and enjoy a fun-filled round of mini golf.

Golf Simulator

Experience the thrill of playing golf on world-renowned courses with our Golf Simulator system. Hit away with any club and witness the true-to-life ball flight and location on the full animation display. Step into our mobile golf simulator and choose from a selection of actual courses to drive, hit, chip, and putt. As you take your shots, the system accurately tracks the distance carried, direction hit, and other key data. The setup includes a spacious area of 10x10x20', a Full-Sized Front Projection Screen, a wide range of Right and Left Handed Clubs with balls, a Front Projector, and comprehensive Computer Software offering multiple course play options, driving range practice, and putting challenges. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner, our Golf Simulator provides a realistic and immersive golfing experience right at your fingertips.

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