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special fx

special fx

Cryo-Jet Fog Projectors

The Cryo-Jet High-Yield Fog Projectors utilize a mixture of Co2 and air to create a mesmerizing white, snow-like fog or vapor effect. As the Co2 condenses when mixed with air, a captivating white vapor effect is achieved, adding an element of magic to any occasion. The duration and intensity of the effect can be tailored to suit your event, from momentary bursts to sustained use lasting up to 30 seconds. Create a captivating dance floor - our 'dancing in the clouds' ambiance- with the swirling smoke effects to surprise and delight your guests. From grand entrances to dazzling speaker introductions, product launches, or wedding highlights, our Cryo effect adds a cool blast of fun and a heavy dose of white mist to make every moment unforgettable. Whether it's for the band, stage production, or simply adding an extra touch of spectacle, our C02 jets - fog and smoke effects will elevate your event to new heights.

Flame Projectors

Intensify the energy and add a touch of excitement to your event with our Flame Projectors! These stationary mini units are designed to punch impressive 12' to 18' inches of real flame into the air with precision timing. Whether you're introducing a team, honoring a special guest, or organizing a stage production or concert, our Flame Projectors will heat up the atmosphere and create an unforgettable experience. With their impressive visuals and controlled performance, these flame projectors are sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Snow Systems

Experience the enchantment of snow without the chill with our Snow Machine! Our snow systems offer the captivating effect of real snow, both indoors and outdoors, creating a winter wonderland atmosphere. From gentle flurries to an immersive blizzard, the effect can be adjusted to suit your desired level of snowfall. The immediate evaporation ensures a clean and safe environment. With a maximum range of 30x40', our Snow Machine covers a significant area with its mesmerizing snow effect. Our product is an eco-friendly, evaporative water-based surfactant, making it environmentally conscious. Conveniently controlled remotely, the snow effect can be easily activated and deactivated as needed. Whether for themed décor, dramatic entranceways, live vignettes, or stage productions, our Snow Machine adds a touch of magic and transforms any setting into a winter spectacle.

Sparkling Fountains

These stationary, non-launching devices bring the magic of pyrotechnic displays to indoor venues such as hotels, conference and convention centers, tent structures, stages, and more. With their impressive height ranging from 4 to 10 feet, our Sparkling Fountains create captivating visual effects that punctuate key moments in your event. These fountains are remotely controlled, allowing you to time their activation for cool displays or synchronize them for simultaneous bursts of sparkling brilliance. Whether it's a grand entrance, a climactic performance, or a memorable finale, our Sparkling Fountains will mesmerize your audience and make your event truly unforgettable.

natural elements

Natural FX

Fire and Ice Effects

Introducing our extraordinary Fire and Ice Effect, a captivating combination of two natural elements that will leave your guests in awe. Each 40" column of clear Clinebell ice magically emits a beautiful yellow flame, creating a stunning interplay between fire and ice. This unique and enchanting spectacle is achieved through an organic reaction that carves the ice into a beautiful funnel shape, while the flame gracefully burns down. Safety is our utmost priority, ensuring that this captivating display is not only visually stunning but also secure. The columns measure 10" x 10" x 40" tall and weigh 150 lbs each, providing a substantial and eye-catching presence. Experience the mesmerizing beauty of our Fire and Ice Effect, where the delicate balance between fire and ice creates a truly unforgettable experience.

Flame Troughs

Introducing our captivating Fire Troughs, designed to ignite a sense of wonder and create an unforgettable ambiance at your event. These Fire Troughs/Pits offer constant real flame, mobility, and versatile configurations to suit your specific needs. The 4' multi-port mobile units provide flexibility in placement, whether on the ground or elevated for added impact. With a constant fuel source and regulator, you can enjoy the mesmerizing flames without interruption. Our dedicated staff ensures proper supervision for a safe and enjoyable experience. Watch in awe as the flame delicately dances and hovers over our troughs of lava stone. Measuring 10" wide by 10" high and 4' long, these troughs serve as both functional - used together with s'mores - and decorative elements. Illuminate pathways to event entrances, enhance the front of the stage, or create a captivating atmosphere around the dance floor. The height of the flame is adjustable, allowing you to tailor the intensity to your desired effect. Experience the mesmerizing allure of our Fire Troughs, where the flickering flames bring warmth, elegance, and a touch of enchantment to your event.

Water Series

Introducing our captivating Water Series, a collection of enchanting water features that will elevate the ambiance of any event or space. Our Mini Water Fountains are perfect for centerpieces or enhancing pools, ponds, and water basins. These versatile fountains are designed to fit seamlessly into glass, acrylic, or clear cylinder vessels, making them perfect for centerpieces. Reflecting Pools offer a peaceful and breathtaking aesthetic. Choose from a center stepped waterfall or an edged-stepped waterfall, and rest assured that we can customize the pool to any size and shape to suit your vision. The Waterfall Pillars, where dramatic lighting illuminates cascading streams of water, creating a sparkling effect and a soothing sound. Streams of water cascade down the 3" clear center tube, creating a sparkling effect, and are customizable to the event or home theme. Our Water Marquee are arching water jets that create a dynamic and eye-catching displays. Waterfall Walls, serving as natural décor pieces or projection screens. Custom install and sizes are available.



Confetti Cannons

Add an explosive touch to your event with our remarkable Confetti Cannons. These dual-gun systems deliver a powerful burst of colorful confetti, creating a stunning visual impact. Ideal for sporting events, product launches, VIP entrances, conventions, and social functions, these cannons shower the stage, audience, or guest of honor with a blast of vibrant confetti. With a reaching distance of 40+ feet, our portable and compact cannons can be easily positioned on the floor or raised to the ceiling. Actuated wirelessly, they offer seamless control and multi-directional capabilities. Choose from a variety of colors, including biodegradable options, and enhance your event with an unforgettable confetti spectacle.

Rose Petal Hits

Introducing our enchanting Rose Petal Launch, a delightful variant of the confetti cannon designed specifically for weddings and social gatherings celebrating significant milestones. Imagine that magical moment when the sky is filled with a shower of real rose petals, creating an atmosphere of romance and beauty. With a reaching distance of 40+ feet, our portable and compact units can be easily positioned on the floor or elevated to the ceiling using truss, pipe/base, or designated pick points. Actuated wirelessly, these cannons offer multi-directional capabilities, ensuring a breathtaking display. As with our other offerings, we provide Flame Proof Products and a dedicated technician to ensure a seamless and safe experience. Create unforgettable memories and add a touch of elegance to your special day with our exquisite Rose Petal Launch.

Stadium Confetti Cannons

Introducing our Stadium Confetti Cannon, a larger and more powerful version designed specifically for big areas in stadiums, large venues, grand openings, and other grand-scale events. With an extended range surpassing 40 feet, this single-barrel cannon covers a wider area, ensuring a spectacular confetti display. The portable and compact design allows for easy setup and multi-directional adjustments. Actuated wirelessly, it offers seamless control for precise timing and coordination. The stadium confetti cannon supports a variety of materials, including Mylar, Tissue, Confetti in multiple shapes, streamers in various lengths, Bio-degradable options, as well as the option to include stunning Rose Petals. Elevate your event and create a mesmerizing experience with our Stadium Confetti Cannon.

Streamer Cannons

Introducing our Streamer Cannons, a dynamic variant of the confetti cannon that adds a spectacular visual impact to any event. With a simple press, shower the stage, audience, or guest of honor with vibrant and colorful Mylar or Tissue Streamers. The streamers offer easy cleanup, ensuring a seamless experience. Choose from multiple colors and lengths to match your event's theme and ambiance. We also offer Biodegradable options for environmentally conscious events. Our Streamer Cannons are designed for power and precision, with a reach of over 40 feet. The portable and compact units are easily adjustable and can be operated wirelessly, allowing for versatile placement on the floor or raised to the ceiling using truss, pipe/base, or designated pick points. To ensure safety and smooth operation, the package includes Flame Proof Products and the assistance of a skilled Technician.

fly guys and air flames

Fly Guys

Air Flames

Introducing our Air Flames, the perfect addition to make your event stand out! With an area requirement of just 2'x2'x16', these colorful 16-foot air columns are designed to capture attention and create a visually captivating effect. Powered by vertical fan units, the lightweight fabric tubes continuously move up and down, adding an eye-catching element to your venue. Whether you want to enhance entrances, create back stage walls, highlight dance floor areas, or add a touch of flair to corporate sales and events, our Air Flames are versatile and adaptable. You can also choose from a variety of colors to match your event theme or branding. For an even more impressive display, consider adding up lighting to create a stunning visual impact. Let our Air Flames bring a dynamic and decorative touch to your next event!

Fly Guys

Introducing our Fly Guys, also known as wacky inflatable flailing tube arm men! These attention-grabbing characters are a must-have for your next event. With an area requirement of 10'x10'x60', our Fly Guys tower up to an impressive height of 60 feet. Powered by large vertical fan units, these lightweight and colorful "fly guys" move in captivating motions, creating a fun and lively atmosphere. They are sure to catch the attention of anyone passing by and let the world know that you're hosting a party! Whether it's a grand opening, celebration, or any special occasion, our Fly Guys bring an element of excitement and playfulness to your event.

fireworks and pyro


Close Proximity Displays

Experience the thrill and excitement of our close proximity display fireworks and pyrotechnics, designed to bring stunning visual effects to both indoor and outdoor settings. With a range of colorful and dynamic devices at our disposal, including fountains, aerial effects, strobes, crossettes, bombettes, and concussive reports, we can create a captivating display in close-range areas such as rooftops, parking lots, and small fields. Our team is skilled in using stationary, non-launching devices to provide dazzling indoor effects, making it possible to enhance the atmosphere in venues like hotels, conference centers, tent structures, stages, and other enclosed spaces. Sparkling fountains, mesmerizing strobe effects, spinning wheels, and immersive noise simulations are just a few examples of the breathtaking effects we can bring to your event. Contact us today via our inquiry page, email, or phone to discuss how our close proximity display fireworks and pyrotechnics can elevate your special occasion to new heights!

Outdoor Displays

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of our outdoor display fireworks, designed to ignite the night sky with vibrant colors, mesmerizing patterns, and breathtaking effects. Our professionally placed discharge site ensures the safe launch of various-sized devices, ranging from 1.5" to 10", including barrage cakes, multi-shot candles, and single shells. Whether fired manually, electrically, or through computer control, our displays create a captivating spectacle that will leave lasting memories. For an even more extraordinary experience, inquire about our option for musical choreography, synchronizing the fireworks to a carefully selected soundtrack. Contact us today to learn more and let us bring the magic of fireworks to your special event!

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